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Design Blogging...

I have often really gained a ton of insight from design blogs so I thought since my paper minis and DK Skirmish game are starting to reach the final lap of development I'd jump on the bandwagon.
I have been working on a simple skirmish wargame ruleset for over 10 years now. The actual mechanics date back to a giant monster boardgame I created back in 1991.
Frustrated because two paper miniature sets were unable to be released because of a long round of playtesting and rewrites of rules I sat down last weekend and created a brand new set from scratch.
Much to my surprise it turned out to be a Western set. I had a Western role playing game I wanted to run for a long time and thought I should get some miniatures for it. Metal miniatures can be expensive and hard to find so I thought it'd be more fun to design my own paper minis.
I started drawing the figures on Friday and worked on them off and on all weekend. I had them ready to go Monday evening, but I wanted to make sure they were buildable. I did catch one figure that was off centre and so I was able to fix it after the build. I like the way they turned out.
It's kind of fun watching the sales on RPGnow.
My new goal is to get another set out for next Tuesday. I'm thinking cowboys on horses.
super me canada comic book I

Last Daily Drawing Post for 2009!!!

Wow, it's been a fun year. I've learned much and had a really good time doing this. There WERE some days that made this exercise difficult, but I created a drawing every day for 2009 AND I posted it on here for the world to see. This is a very useful exercise. I recommend it heartily. I will probably take a short break and then launch into an even more ambitious series of projects for 2010. I'm just getting warmed up.
That's All Folks!